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Our current projects include:

The Oplontis Project The Oplontis Project
The Theatricalism of the Roman House The Theatricalism of the Roman House
The Body and Mask in Ancient Theatre Space The Body and Mask in Ancient Theatre Space

For a full list of our current and past projects, please review our Projects and Funding page.

Below are illustrated examples of some of our recent projects, including architectural visualisation, academic research, archaeological interpretation and interactive museum installations.

How Kew Grew How Kew Grew
Making Space

Making Space

The Pompey Project The Pompey Project
The RSC redevelopment commission The RSC redevelopment commission
Dove Cottage virtual tour Dove Cottage virtual tour
Coventry Iron Age Village Coventry Iron Age Village
Pompeiian Fresco Research The Skenographia Project
Odeon Cinema Project Odeon Cinema Project
Appia Project Appia Project
online teaching resource
Kilmartin Valley Kilmartin Valley
Virtual Roman Colchester Virtual Roman Colchester

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