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Project Events

Making 3D Visual Research Outcomes Transparent - Symposium

The project convened a symposium at the British Academy, London on 23rd-24th February 2006, jointly sponsored by the AHRC ICT Methods Network and EPOCH to discuss the theory and practice of "transparency", and to attempt to move towards a consensus on minimum standards and recommended methods of recording the process of analysing, creating and interpreting 3D visual research outcomes. Over the two-day symposium, a well attended gathering of major international experts in virtual heritage, presented surveys on the state of the art, developed suggestions and tentative guidelines, together with reports on work in progress. The symposium included an interdisciplinary discussion panel of scientists, social scientists, engineers, metadata implementation experts and archaeologists,  discussing current practice in process tracking within academic contexts where this is an essential and well-established part of the discipline.

Link to archived symposium website

Transparancy Issues in Digital Cultural Heritage - Expert Seminar

The project convened an expert seminar at the Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London, from 25th February 2006, jointly sponsored by the AHRC ICT Methods Network and EPOCH immediatly following the Making 3D Visual Research Outcomes Transparent Symposium. This smaller group of experts agreed a usable definition of paradata, and to assessed its value and possible roles in making transparent and susceptible to evaluation by others, the choices, decisions, and rationale shaping 3D research processes. The resulting discussion produced a preliminary draft of the London Charter.

Link The London Charter v1 PDF document (hosted by EPOCH)
Link to The London Charter website

Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts Conference 2006

The DRHA 2006 conferance held at Dartington, Devon, UK September 2006, invited the project team to host a panel session. Chaired by the project director Prof. Beacham the panel “3D Visualisation in the Arts and Humanities: New Initiatives in Methods, Standards and Networking” discussed issues raised by the February symposium and the draught of The London Charter. The conferance also hosted a prototype aplication as part of the "Exhibitions, Installations and Perfomances" programme, allowing participants to develop ideal form temples based on Vitruvius' architectural principles and examine these in full sterioscopic 3D.

Link to DRHA2006 website

VAST 2007 : The London Charter: Development, Implementation and Advocacy

This one-day meeting of the London Charter Advisory Board, to be held at University of Brighton, Monday 26th November 2007, will lead to the publication of the authoritative Second Draft of the Charter, and to an action plan for seeking endorsement for the Charter internationally. The meeting will also discuss whether there may be sufficient demand, at this stage, for an edited volume containing contracted chapters on the aspects of 3D visualisation with which the London Charter is centrally concerned. A formal report of the meeting, detailing discussions, decisions and outcomes, will be published on the London Charter website

Link to VAST 2007 website