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Original AHRB Outline Application 10b

Visualisation technologies are increasingly prominent in research across a wide range of arts and humanities disciplines; their importance is evident in the digital research resources of the five subject areas of the AHDS and in proposed extensions of these currently under discussion. Amongst these technologies for new ICT-enabled research leading to new forms of knowledge, one of the most challenging, but potentially rewarding, is 3-dimensional (3D) visualisation. However, research outcomes consequent upon this have not yet begun to be comprehensively exploited, mainly because:

  • relatively few researchers have been able to acquire an informed awareness of the nature and benefits of 3D tools and methodologies.
  • research outcomes of many 3D visualisation-based projects fail to document in detail how research questions have been systematically addressed through relevant technologies, nor do the outcomes themselves allow other researchers critically to assess them by examining the incremental process of data evaluation, testing of hypothesises, and consequent choices through which the research outcomes were produced.

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Progress Report 26 June 2006

Drew Baker (Senior Research Fellow, King’s Visualisation Lab) is currently completing a report, "Documenting and Disseminating Intellectual Capital in 3D Visualisation-based Research”, in which he proposes the term “paradata” to denote the intellectual capital generated during research. The report highlights the very great deal of information, which is essential for the understanding and evaluation of 3D visualisation methods and outcomes, that is currently being lost, and proposes approaches to documentation. An evaluation of the potential extensibility of the Pentacle Rapid Prototyping Method has been completed. A second report, on “Supporting Arts and Humanities Research through 3d Visualisation” is also in progress. This work has been aided by a proof-of-concept trial undertaken by Martin Blazeby (Senior Research Fellow, KVL) on the Odeon of Agrippa at Athens, and by analysing the results of two visualisation experiments designed and conducted by Baker with the assistance of a significant number of participants.

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